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Darren Sullivan

Clair is the perfect example of the phrase; would be an asset to any organisation. 

She interacted at all levels of my technical department, and explained to this difficult audience, the value of various marketing activities - ensuring the entire team bought into the process.

Dee Coombs

Clair produces results! She is an exceptional, inspiring and well respected business leader.  The ingenuity and integrity with which she executes her ideas, and the passion that she applies to everything she does, is what truly defines her.

Suzannah Ginders


Clair took me through my business, assessing my whole approach along the way. She made me question how I have come to the conclusions that direct my business, and left me empowered with an action plan and take home practical fixes, I could implement with immediate effect. Every business needs Clair, she is amazing! This was just the beginning and Clair has gone on to be a constant source of support and guidance for me.

Working for and with Clair over the past 15 years, she has become an integral part of my strategic marketing support for client servicing. Clair’s experience both client and agency fused together with her creative and technical skill set add’s that extra wow factor to any marketing campaign or project whether it be digital or print.

Like we say up north she’s all marketing with ’Nowt taken out’

Clair has undertaken a number of marketing, strategy and research projects for me, over the past few years. Steering me expertly and helpfully.  She is always able to quickly get up to speed with a client's requirements, and offers a creative and insightful approach to marketing challenges.  I wouldn't use anyone else.

Clair invested time into supporting and advising me on how to take the next steps in my life. She has helped me to move forward and given me the determination to achieve the goals I want for myself

Louise Gordon

Rosie Jackson

Millie Trussler


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